Pets: what to do when you go on holiday?


For the majority of us, holidays are a long-awaited time to relax, get away from it all and recharge our batteries. But for those of us with one or more pets, holidays can also be a brainteaser. What should you do with your dogs and cats when you go on holiday? And how will they cope with your absence? Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to these problems, so they can be pampered and continue to enjoy their usual quality of life.

1. Friends and family

When you have friends or relatives you trust who are willing to look after your pets while you are on holiday, your dogs and cats will undoubtedly be pampered, whether at their home or yours. But one thing: do not forget to inform them about your pets’ eating habits, including the brand and type of food they most prefer to eat.

2. Dog or cat sitting

Also known as housesitting, offers a simple concept. Instead of moving your dog or cat to a new environment, you pay a qualified dog sitter (or cat sitter) to look after your little friends at your home. It is a modern and effective way to minimise the stress they might feel during your prolonged absence.

A few tips: make sure you choose someone you can trust, preferably with good references. Do not hesitate to discuss your little friend’s specific dietary requirements and what foods they like. The latter is important, as it is advisable not to change his/her diet during this period to avoid problems.

3. Pet hotels

Most pet hotels nowadays offer high-quality facilities, professional care, and a safe environment for your little friends. The staff working there are trained to care for animals and ensure their well-being. So do not hesitate to let them know if you have any special requirements to make your dog or cat comfortable, such as what biscuits they can give them as rewards, including our delicious DOG BISCUIT CHICKEN & SPINACH , DOG BISCUIT LAM & APPLE ET DOG BISCUIT TURKEY & CRANBERRY  .

A few more suggestions

Inform your pet sitter: Provide them with information about your pets’ daily routine, their eating habits, their medication (if applicable) and vet contact details.

Keep in touch on a regular basis: Finally, keep in touch with the person looking after your pets while you are on holiday. Regular updates will reassure you about their well-being, allowing you to make the most of those well-earned moments of relaxation!