Positive education

Positive education for your dog: tips and best practices

Educating your dog is an essential aspect of your relationship with him. The positive training approach, based on reinforcement and rewards, has proved to be an effective and caring method. In this context, the choice of reward is crucial. Treats like “Snoepie’s Educ”, which are specially made for training, small and low in calories, are ideal for rewarding your dog without affecting his diet. In this article, find out how to train your dog in a positive way, using the right tools to reinforce good behaviour.

Principles of positive education

Positive training is based on reinforcing desired behaviour rather than punishing undesired behaviour. This method, based on encouragement and reward, helps to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your dog. It is essential to be consistent in your commands and patient in your expectations. Each dog learns at its own pace, and the use of rewards such as Snoepie’s Educ biscuits can significantly help this process. The rewards must be immediate so that the dog associates the correct behaviour with the treat.

Using rewards effectively

The choice of rewards plays a vital role in the effectiveness of positive training. The treats must be attractive to the dog, but also healthy and suitable for frequent consumption. Snoepie’s Educ” treats meet these criteria perfectly: their small size means they can be eaten regularly without the risk of overfeeding, and their low-calorie content makes them ideal for everyday use. Moreover, their appetising taste ensures that your pet is highly motivated, making learning both fun and effective.

Tips for successful training

Here are some key tips for effective training:

  1. Short Training Sessions: Short but frequent sessions are more effective. They will keep your dog’s attention and prevent fatigue.
  2. Repetition and Consistency: Repeat commands regularly and always use the same words for the same actions.
  3. Immediate Reward: Give the reward immediately after the good behaviour to reinforce the association.
  4. Positivity and Patience: Always keep a positive attitude and be patient. Every bit of progress, no matter how small, deserves a reward.

Incorporating “Snoepie’s Educ” into these sessions positively reinforces good behaviour, making learning both enjoyable and rewarding for your dog.


Positive training is a rewarding and effective way of developing a strong and respectful bond with your dog. By using appropriate treats such as Snoepie’s Educ, you can make training not only more effective but also more enjoyable for your dog. These treats are designed to perfectly complete your training routine, encouraging good behaviour while maintaining a balanced diet.