A puppy at home: how can you welcome him with serenity?

Congratulations for choosing to welcome a puppy into your home! Welcoming a puppy into your home is an exciting moment, but it requires proper preparation to ensure a safe environment and a happy cohabitation.

Our 7 tips to help you welcome your puppy home:

  1. Be careful with small objects
    Your puppy is curious and explores the world by chewing on it. Keep valuable or dangerous objects (clothes, electrical wires, rubbish bins, etc.) out of his reach. Do not hesitate to use boxes, sleeves, and drawers to ensure his safety.
  1. Secure windows
    If you live in a flat, make sure your windows are secure. Avoid placing furniture near them, as your puppy could accidentally jump or fall out.
  1. The first night in your home
    His first night at home can be stressful. Avoid allowing him to sleep in your bed from the start, as this type of habit is hard to break afterwards. Create a comfortable space for him with a warm, cosy blanket and a small cuddly toy with his mum’s scent… the puppy will be reassured!
  1. Toys
    Give your puppy a variety of durable toys. Alternate toys so he does not get bored; remove them periodically so he can rediscover them.
  1. Teach him to be alone
    Although spending time with your puppy is crucial, it is important to gradually get him used to being left alone. Start with short absences and slowly extend them. Make sure he has his toys and a comfortable place to feel safe.
  1. Eating well to grow well
    Puppies and growing dogs need specific diets. An unbalanced diet or sudden changes in food may cause digestive problems. Our kibble ranges PUPPY ALL BREEDS SALMON & RICE, PUPPY ALL BREEDS LAMB & RICE LARGE, PRESTIGE TURKEY ALL BREEDS GRAIN FREE and PRESTIGE SALMON ALL BREEDS GRAIN FREE are here to help you. They guarantee the right level of essential nutrients (amino acids, omega 3 and 6, trace elements, fibre, etc.), high-quality, natural ingredients and recipes boosted with probiotics to improve his digestive health and immunity. Young dogs are full of energy, so make sure they do not eat too quickly, and allow them to settle down before and after meals. You should also ensure that your dog has permanent access to a water bowl. Finally, pay attention to the recommended quantities for your puppy’s age and breed.
  1. Take your dog for a walk
    Going for walks is essential for your puppy’s health. Once your puppy has been vaccinated, plan at least 30 minutes of walking a day so that he can explore, socialise with other dogs, and discover new smells.

A few more tips …
You should also make sure your puppy is progressing with toilet training, in particular by taking him out after each nap. Make sure your puppy is properly identified and that he is wearing an appropriate leash or harness, also for night-time walks. If you plan to take your dog on trips, gradually let him get used to being transported.

Welcoming a puppy requires preparation and patience, but it is all worth it! Create a solid, happy relationship with your new four-legged friend! And above all… enjoy every moment with your new companion!

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