The importance of hydration

Water, a vital element

Like all living creatures, your pets need to be well hydrated. Water is the major element in their bodies.
Water helps to regulate the body temperature, to protect joints and internal organs, to digest food, to eliminate digestive waste, to lubricate tissues and to transport nutrients throughout the body.
The average water consumption is 60 ml/kg of body weight per day. This consumption increases (+/- 100 ml) for puppies and nursing mothers, depending on the outside temperature and the animal’s activity. Lack of hydration can cause health problems.

Difficult to get your pet to drink…

Here are a few recommendations.

By adopting the right precautions, your pet will be perfectly prepared to enjoy a peaceful summer, even when the temperatures are very high.
Not too much and not too little: Water consumption should be monitored as your pet gets older. If it increases too much, this may also be a sign of diabetes or early kidney disease.

– Keep the water bowl available at all times.
– Change the water at least twice a day to keep it clean and fresh.
– Avoid using a plastic bowl, which can give an unpleasant taste.
– If he refuses to drink, offer him his water in a transparent glass bowl, since animals sometimes need to see the clarity of what they are drinking.
– It is also possible that your pet does not like the taste of your town’s tap water, which can often have too strong a taste for them. Opt for bottled spring water.
– Consider a pet fountain. These fountains are sometimes more attractive because some dogs and cats prefer running water.
– When it is very hot, add ice cubes, many animals enjoy drinking cold water. It will also arouse their curiosity.